On My Knitting Needles; A Wingspan Scarf in Tosh Sock

This project is once again an example of selecting a pattern after the yarn has been purchased.  I was so excited about the softness and intense colors of this hand dyed Madeline Tosh Sock yarn.  So I bought it.  I read the label but what didn’t stick in my mind is that it’s 100% Merino.  Yarn used for knitting actual socks should have Nylon in it as well.

Skein of Madeline Tosh in Cobbler

Skein of Madeline Tosh in Cobbler

So while this yarn is named Tosh Sock and it’s the weight of yarn used to hand knit socks it’s not as tough as regular sock yarn.  I am just not willing to put hours of time into socks and have them wear out quickly.  Wingspan is a pattern for a scarf or shawl that uses short rows for shaping and sock weight yarn.

Wingspan Madeline Tosh Sock Cobbler

Here is the scarf about half done.

Can you see the interesting triangles that make up this scarf/shawl?  I think they look cool with the variegated Tosh Sock yarn.  I won’t be knitting it to sell in my shop because the designer has kept that right.  So if you really love this scarf/shawl you’ll need to find someone to knit it for you.  Or you could knit it yourself!  The pattern is available on Ravelry here.


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6 Responses to On My Knitting Needles; A Wingspan Scarf in Tosh Sock

  1. Beautiful yarn! And what a cool scarf pattern!

  2. marissafh says:

    Beautiful colours! I do that too .. purchase yarn, look for a pattern later.

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