Laundry Room Redo Continues

When I last posted about my laundry room here. I showed you some parts and pieces that I intended to use to make the laundry room a more functional and attractive space. Some of them I’ve used and others I haven’t gotten to yet.  Life and family simply got in the way.

Baskets Laundry Room Hangers

I didn’t remove clutter for this photo! The baskets work really well.

The good news is that the “Feel Good Lime” baskets on the shelf are GREAT.  They are a cheerful color and continue to keep the items I need looking good and easy to reach.  A true success story.

The lime hangers I got are great too.  They continue the pop of lime color and do their job.  Sadly I haven’t seen any other hangers in this color, I’d love to buy more.  I returned the white hangers since the last thing this room needs is more white. LOL

Laundry Room Hanging Rack

Eye screws are screwed into the wood and the rack hangs from them.

Speaking of hanging space I showed a preview of this rack in my last post.  It required time, a stud finder and a power drill but it’s up!  Now I know that it’s not as attractive as it is functional, what with the extra wood added to the ceiling.  A small space means the rack had to go where the screws couldn’t go!! My husband came up with this creative solution. The screws go into the ceiling studs to hold the wood.  Remember the wall studs are metal so we can’t use them.  Then the eye screws go into the wood where the rack needs screws to be.  I may paint the wood to get it to disappear against the ceiling.

I’ve successfully reduced the clutter in my laundry room, created more hanging space, and made it a more attractive place to be.  It’s still a work in progress but so much nicer than before.  Check out “Laundry Room Before” to see how far I’ve gotten.


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10 Responses to Laundry Room Redo Continues

  1. Paige says:

    It’s really coming together! I like your solution for the hanging rack.

  2. I love the lime baskets. Great way to stay organized and hide the clutter. The matching hangers are so cute 🙂

  3. LeAnn says:

    What a great redo. The bright lime really brightens up the space.

  4. sher says:

    Looks great! I do like the lime green. Right now we have out kitchen torn up (you’ll see in my next post). But isn’t it so nice when it all comes together?

  5. Sandy says:

    I like bright colors like lime green or sunny yellows for small rooms. It makes a room very inviting and cheerful.

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