A New Beginning

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Life is simply a series of new beginnings. I am beginning anew with this blog.

I haven’t reread any of my previous posts so I don’t know if there will be any continuity between this post and my previous posts. For the lead photo I reposted a pretty spring flowerpot arrangement that has “Finished!” as the subtitle. Sometimes things that seem finished begin again.

Why am I beginning again?  Because of a notice from Pinterest. Everyone now knows what Pinterest is, right? Sure some people think it’s just a web site for party planning. In reality it is far more useful. I view it as a French memo board, I even wrote a blog post explaining that, Pinterest the Basics. How quaint that there was a point in time that Pinterest needed to be explained!

The gist of the notice is that Pinterest would like anyone using their site for business to upgrade their account to a business account. Seems pretty straight forward. Am I using Pinterest for my business? I’m really not sure.  I signed up with my business name All Unwound. I have a board with some of my hand knit items on it. I sell these items on Etsy. Sounds like a business account right?

But, I don’t use it like a business account, and maybe I should.  I don’t remember the last time I posted one of my own hand knit items on Pinterest. I haven’t made any sales or business contacts through Pinterest. The overwhelming amount of my time spent on Pinterest is for personal relaxation.  I find it relaxing to scroll through photos of things I’m interested in and group like items together. My  Pinterest boards are quite varied, see what I mean at Pinterest All Unwound.  Being a visual person I really like to see things laid out in images, whether that’s shoes, jewelry or hand knit scarves.

However, I do have links on my Pinterest account to this blog and my Etsy site, AllUnwound. So I’m going to convert my account to a business account, right after I post this blog entry. Because linking to an inactive blog seems pretty pointless.

Now that I’ve reactivated this blog am I going to be using it to promote my business? I’m really not sure. This is a new beginning and some of the old things may be left behind.


About All Unwound

Knitting, Felting, and Spinning are consuming all of my time! Please FAN All Unwound on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/AllUnwound
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