Using Pinterest for Business

Hats hand knit blue gray silver font changedIn A new Beginning I talked about changing my Pinterest account to a business account. I was very ambivalent about it because I post a wide variety of items for personal use, rather than business. Can you say Recipes to Try?! One of my many boards about food.

I am still learning about Pinterest and how to use it to promote my business. Since that post Pinterest has changed the preferred size of pins, and how pins are presented to the community. And possibly a few other things I’m not aware of!  Most of my pins have been repins. Some of my original pins are directly from sites I consider useful or want to refer back to.  A few of my pins are directly from AllUnwound’s Etsy site.

Changing to a business account was the right choice. This change led me to some articles about the need to create pins instead of posting directly from my Etsy site. That’s both fun and challenging. Below is the very first pin I created. I have a quality product and a good photo. My Etsy site is included on the bottom of the pin. I even had a theme; enjoy being outside!

Enjoy Being Outside After looking at a few Pinterest pins in what I think is my category, I realized my pin needs some work.  My photo shows the hat well, but has a colored background. Many pins have hats photographed without a background. Those pins seem to show the hat floating in empty air.  Not my favorite look but I do see the benefit of a simple background in photos used for pinning.  I love the brick background of my pin, but having the photo background on top of it is a bit distracting.

Check out the first photo in this blog post to see my latest pin. It’s got hand knit hats, color and a fair amount of white space. I think I’ve learned a few things about creating pins! Keep up to date and see if I get sucked into the floating hat photo trend on Pinterest!


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Knitting, Felting, and Spinning are consuming all of my time! All Unwound's FAN page
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