On My Knitting Needles; Beach Walk Cowl

Mermaid Bay

Beach Walk Cowl is on my needles this week.  It’s a fun knit. Simple enough to knit while watching TV if you’re an experienced knitter.  It has some lace work to keep it interesting.  I chose a new to me yarn called Sensible Sock by Savvy Skeins. It’s 80% Merino wool and 20% Nylon, a combination that bodes well for wearing it frequently.  My only issue with the yarn is that it seems to be spun a bit more loosely than other sock yarns I’ve been using.  Sometimes this can affect durability.

Beach Walk Cowl

This color way is called “Mermaid Bay.” It’s not a solid color and is described by the company as “tonal, speckled, variegated.” It has several shades of blue, a bit of green, some brown, and splashes of purple.  I purchased this online from Loopy Ewe and was really pleased that their photo showed the colors accurately.

Cowls take a fair amount of time to knit so you won’t be seeing this for sale in AllUnwound’s Etsy shop.  Instead it’s going to become part of my regular wardrobe.


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