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A New Beginning

Life is simply a series of new beginnings. I am beginning anew with this blog. I haven’t reread any of my previous posts so I don’t know if there will be any continuity between this post and my previous posts. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Response

(Photo by Bozer on Flickr titled The Power of Hurricane Sandy) While we crafty bloggers are posting our recipes for holiday ornaments and crock pot meals let’s not forget our fellow citizens in the Northeast that are struggling to heat … Continue reading

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Banners, Blog Headers and Facebook Cover Photos

My Etsy site, AllUnwound has a Banner.  Banner’s in Etsy are really just a long rectangle at the top of each shop page that can be filled any way you’d like.  Esty has some standard free Banners you can load … Continue reading

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Pinterest for Bloggers

So you’re a blogger and a member of Pinterest.  Congratulations!  If you blog and want to link your blog to your Pinterest site there are several ways to do this.  Apparently with some blogging platforms it is easy. is … Continue reading

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Pinterest the Basics

Pinterest is similar to an online French Memo Board.  I have a set of French Memo Boards in my hallway to corral things that I need to keep track of.  On Pinterest Memo Boards each pinned item can be clicked … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Fan or Friend on Facebook

Do you belong to Facebook?  If so you are probably both a Fan and a Friend.  Over 800 million people are active users of Facebook, according to Facebook Stats.  The average Facebook user has 130 Friends.  A Friend has access … Continue reading

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