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Completed Socks

Last February I knit these socks and posted about the process.  They were knit cuff down. Details are in this post, Hand Knit Basic Socks. I’ve worn them several times and been hand washing them and laying them flat to … Continue reading

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Creating a New Cowl Pattern

Cowls are a type of scarf.  Sometimes called Gators/Gaitors or Endless Scarves they pull on over your head and you never have to worry about them falling off or unwinding.  No bulky scarf ends to fit under your jacket either! … Continue reading

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Creating New Scarf Patterns

Every time I buy a new yarn I need to take some time to work with it and find out it’s good points and it’s bad points.  Yarns are a bit like people.  No two yarns are exactly alike.  A … Continue reading

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On My Knitting Needles; A Scarf in Rowan Tobacco Tweed

I just love tweed yarns.  This Rowan Tobacco Tweed has flecks of purple and hot pink in it.  Not a traditional monochromatic tweed. I’ve had this yarn for quite some time and knit several scarves with it.  And I’ve ripped … Continue reading

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String Bags or Market Bags or Beach Bags

Many years ago some people carried string bags in their purses and put their groceries in these reusable bags to carry home from the market.  I have a very vague memory of knowing someone who did this. Once again paper … Continue reading

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Ribbing Doesn’t Always Follow the Rules

Ribbing is usually used at the bottom of a sweater or on the cuffs of sleeves or the open part of a hat.  It’s a stitch that has some stretch to it.  Ribbing helps us keep our hats on and … Continue reading

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Hand Knit Basic Socks

This is the time of Winter where I wish I had more socks.  Thick cozy socks to wear with clogs and boots.  Thinner socks to wear with shoes. I’m imagining “basic socks.”  In my mind “basic socks” have a bit … Continue reading

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