Pinterest Recipe Reviews; Slow Cooker Freezer Meals Part Three

This is the second update on the Slow Cooker Freezer Meals that I pinned to my Pinterest “Recipes to Try” Board.  Read “Slow Cooker Freezer Meals Part One” if you’d like to start at the beginning.    All of these meals, like the ones in “Slow Cooker Freezer Meals Part Two,” defrosted in the fridge for 24 hours before I put them in the crock pot.  They slid right out of the gallon size zip lock bags they were frozen in.

Six Sisters Crock Pot Chicken

Chicken Lime Cilantro right after being put in my crock pot.

I had high expectations for the Cilantro Lime Chicken with Corn and Black Beans.  It used an entire bunch of Cilantro.

Unfortunately once frozen, defrosted and then cooked the taste was bland.  We added sour cream and spicy black bean dip to pump up the taste.

I have an easier tastier crock pot Mexican Chicken recipe that I’ll stick with.

The Black Bean Taco Soup was good and liked by a wide variety of people.  This meal has many servings!  Remember how it was way too much to fit into a gallon sized zip lock bag?  I served it the day company was traveling to my home and we didn’t know what time they would arrive.  Everyone liked this recipe as written and I’ll make it again.  Six Sisters suggests serving this with tortilla chips but I served it with cheese drop biscuits.

Six Sister Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore looking so pretty!

The Chicken Cacciatore smelled good while cooking.  Unfortunately the sauce was watery and the chicken seemed dry.  The vegetables I added to this were fresh, not frozen so I don’t know where the extra liquid came from.  I enjoyed the green peppers and zucchini in this recipe and I might try it again with something added to thicken the sauce.

The bottom line is that of the 7 Six Sisters recipes I made, four of them I would make again without changes.  They are the Black Bean Taco Soup, the French Dip Sandwiches, the Hearty Beef Stew, and the Maple Dijon glazed Chicken.  As you may remember I didn’t try their BBQ Spareribs recipe because I have my own recipe for that dish.  Having preprepared crock pot meals in my freezer has been a healthy time saver.

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Tea and a Pedicure

Tea Mug Coffee Artisan Pottery

Handmade mug filled with hot tea!

All I really wanted the other day was a cup of hot tea and a pedicure. It’s a brand new year with thousands of possibilities. Unfortunately the demands of work and school have asserted themselves.  I have thousands of things to do in the next few days. Spending money by indulging myself isn’t on that list.  So I got up and began getting things done.

As a reward for all of my hard work I decided to try the quick cheap pedicure I pinned on Pinterest onto my Destress Board.

Scrub Brush Cosmetic Pedicure

The brush I used for my pedicure!

The pin suggested using an old toothbrush but a cosmetic scrub brush sounded so much better!  I already own one.

Heel Before Pedicure

Click to get a better view of my heel before pedicure.

Have you ever tried taking a photo of the heel of your own foot?  It took quite a bit of twisting to get the right angle and then my foot looked very odd.  Ah well at least you can see the dry cracked heel.  It’s time to wear socks most days and I want a smooth heel that doesn’t snag on my hand knit socks.


I found it VERY relaxing.  The cosmetic brush wasn’t stiff enough to take off much skin.  So I tried using a clean new toothbrush.  That took more dead skin off than the cosmetic brush.  My skin came out feeling very soft.  Unfortunately my heels are still cracked.  So this pin is relaxing but not a cure for dry cracked heels.

Pinterest pedicure after

After Pinterest pedicure

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Shipping begins again on January 10th

Can you believe that it’s 2013??
It is and I’ll be shipping out your hand knit items on January 10th 2013!

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Creating a New Cowl Pattern

MadelineTosh Vintage Fathom

Look at that luscious blue color!

Cowls are a type of scarf.  Sometimes called Gators/Gaitors or Endless Scarves they pull on over your head and you never have to worry about them falling off or unwinding.  No bulky scarf ends to fit under your jacket either!

This cowl is being knit with a lovely yarn I received as a gift, MadelineTosh Vintage, in the color Fathom.  It’s dark blue but not as dark as navy and the hand dyed yarn has subtle color variations that give the color depth.

Remember the scarf I designed in Rowan Tobacco Tweed, and the many stitch patterns and variations I tried before happily settling on the pattern?  Because I’m happy with that scarf I decided that this yarn would become a cowl.

Wave Stitch Design Swatch

See the results of different needle sizes and different increases?

Designing Scarves and Cowls does require many choices.  I go into detail in this post, Creating New Scarf Patterns.  As you can see from my design swatch I’ve tried several different sized needles and varied the stitch.  This cowl will be knit in my own variation of the wave stitch.

Click on the photo to the right to see a larger version of the design swatch using different needle sizes and stitch variations.

Designing a cowl pattern is similar to designing scarf patterns.  A width and length must be decided on.  In addition, if the cowl will be knit in the round the stitch pattern must be converted.

Knit Tip:  Remember, the right side of the work is always facing you when you knit in the round.  Wrong side stitches that are purled in flat knitting become knit stitches in the round.

Design Swatch Wave Stitch up close

Close up!

This close up shows the wave stitch variation I plan on knitting.  I’ll knit it in a slightly larger needle size than the needles used in the top of the swatch.

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Happy New Year

Fireworks #1 by Camera Slayer
Fireworks #1, a photo by Camera Slayer on Flickr.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!! Enjoy 2013!

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Merry Christmas to All Who Celebrate!!

Merry Chirstmas Koala Ornament

Merry Christmas! I was given this fun metal ornament this year. Isn’t it cute?

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A Couple of Pinterest Recipe Reviews

I’m still pinning recipes to my Pinterest Recipes to Try board, and I’m still pinning some twice!  🙂 I’m also trying them out as I have time.  Here are a couple I tried recently.

First up are these Egg Bacon Muffins that use ingredients I already had in my refrigerator.  How could I resist trying this recipe out?

Egg Bacon Muffins Before Baking

Before baking!

As you can see I filled this a bit full. 4 eggs salt pepper, water and some shredded cheddar cheese whisked together. I sprayed my muffin tins and then wrapped microwavable bacon around the outside of the muffin tin. Then whisked the eggs and poured them in. I baked them at 350 for 28 minutes, because they looked done to me.  Very tasty!

Egg Bacon Muffins After Baking

Egg Bacon Muffins After Baking

Check out the original pin here.  These Egg Bacon Muffins also reheat well.  I put three of them on a plate and microwaved them for 45 seconds.  Your microwave time will vary.

The second recipe is for a protein shake.  If you want to build muscle you need extra protein and many of us don’t get enough in our regular diets.  This required a trip to the store to buy Almond Milk.  I bought the unflavored, unsweetened Almond Milk.  It’s packed with calcium.

Protein Shake Homemade

Yes I drank some before I took the photo!

I’m enjoying this protein shake.   This is a tasty “on the go” way to get calcium and protein into your diet.  Here’s the original recipe I pinned.  The one change I made was to use coffee ice cubes instead of water ice cubes, that way the melting ice doesn’t create a watery shake.

As always, promptly refrigerate any leftovers!!

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