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New Business Cards Lead to Blogging

I’ve been selling my hand knit items at AllUnwound.etsy.com for years. This is the year that I’m going to start selling my knitting patterns. Why did I wait so long to do this? Life got in the way.  Check out … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions 2012 Review

Footsteps, a photo by Rubber Dragon on Flickr. For 2012 I focused on increasing the number of steps I walked each day. I made an effort to drink more water and to make the healthiest food choices available. I was … Continue reading

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Tea and a Pedicure

All I really wanted the other day was a cup of hot tea and a pedicure. It’s a brand new year with thousands of possibilities. Unfortunately the demands of work and school have asserted themselves.  I have thousands of things … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Response

(Photo by Bozer on Flickr titled The Power of Hurricane Sandy) While we crafty bloggers are posting our recipes for holiday ornaments and crock pot meals let’s not forget our fellow citizens in the Northeast that are struggling to heat … Continue reading

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Refreshing my Planters

This year I kept the Lantana that bloomed so nicely last year. Last year the deer had a feast every time the plants got big.  This year the deer left the plants alone and the Lantana became overgrown.  I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Walking Update For August and September

I’ve had more days where I’ve forgotten to wear my  pedometer these two months. But I’m still trying to keep track of my steps every day.  For August I managed to wear my pedometer for a full 22 days.  I … Continue reading

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Walking Update For July

I used my pedometer every day the first couple of weeks in July. Every night I wrote down my steps for the day. For July 1st through July 14th  my average number of steps per day is 8,465! Of course … Continue reading

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