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Saved By The Izze

Izze, a photo by Artisan All Unwound on Flickr. Have you heard of Izze? It’s a juice and sparkling water drink. A fruit soda, without any added sugars. I bought some as a treat for my kids the other day … Continue reading

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Laundry Room Redo Continues

When I last posted about my laundry room here. I showed you some parts and pieces that I intended to use to make the laundry room a more functional and attractive space. Some of them I’ve used and others I … Continue reading

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Halloween Dilemma

The weather in October gets a bit cooler and many turn their thoughts to Halloween decorating.  Darker decor and spider webs are everywhere!   Cooler weather always has me thinking about cleaning and reorganizing. I’d really like to clean up … Continue reading

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Hanging Pictures with Fewer Holes in the Wall

I’ve had a pair of pictures sitting around waiting to be hung for quite a while.  Since they are a pair I wanted to hang them on the same wall, either one on top of the other or side by … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season has Returned

The fact that no hurricanes have threatened my area doesn’t change the fact that it’s Hurricane Season.  Check out the dates for your area at the National Hurricane Center. Last year I posted…”Prepping My Upright Freezer for Hurricane Season.” It’s … Continue reading

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Traveling with Knitting Projects

It’s that time of year. Time to hop in the car and spend a weekend at the beach or in the mountains.  Time to get on a plane and take a long vacation.  Yes, it’s Summertime!  🙂 Whether I am … Continue reading

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Laundry Room Redo Parts and Pieces

The parts and pieces of my laundry room redo are starting to come together.  I’ve finally found a hanging drying rack that MAY work.  You may remember the problems with finding a way to hang more clothes;  a very narrow … Continue reading

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Tips for Visiting Friends and Family in the Hospital

If you have a friend or family member that will be in the hospital for an extended stay you probably will want to visit them.  Some hospitals have very specific rules for visitors, SUNY Upstate requires a photo ID.  Different … Continue reading

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New Years Organization and Rotating Collections

linen closet 2, a photo by greenhouseds on Flickr. I read something the other day that recommended rotating your sheets by putting the sheets you’ve just washed under the previously washed sheets in your linen closet. That way you aren’t … Continue reading

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Got Yarn?

Yes! My yarn collection is obviously out of control.  So let’s talk about how you can minimize this problem in your life.  I recommend selecting the project before the yarn.  If that fails and you find that you already own … Continue reading

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